Getting ready for reopening

JUNE 2020

With the launch of the BRAND NEW SALON I have fabulous news.

I was blessed to have in the Salon, Sam and his team from BIO-RESPONSE

During the past 4 months since I had to close the salon due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, I have had major building work carried out whilst the salon has been closed , I am very much looking forward to seeing you all when I am back up and running, the new building houses the

For the health and safety of our clients and also for myself I have had the salon a deep clean was executed to ensure that our store is completely bacteria and pathogens free. 

As part of the infection control and prevention measures, bio-response starts with a deep clean of all areas using Formula 429 Plus which is regarded as one of the industry-leading chemicals to use against a range of pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Bacteria can settle on any surface as well as in between surfaces and remain there for many days if not cleaned. We offer comprehensive decontamination of all touch points, including computers, desks, handles, work surfaces, taps and cabinets.

I will also endeavour to fully cleanse all points of the premises that are difficult to reach such as in between furniture, ceilings, inside cupboards and drawers, your ceilings and floors, walls, windows and any spaces which could be a breeding ground for bacteria. MY aim to cleanse almost everywhere within the building.

whilst I have been away, I have completed several course, one being with L’Oreal and I am proud to have this on display within the salon.

I FULLY know that MY SALON is ready for you to come into and my main focus is your safety.

Thankyou to bio-response for insuring that my new salon is ready for me to open.

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